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Scissor Sharpening Industry Segments

What segment of the scissor sharpening industry do you want to focus on? It is important to determine what kind of scissors you will sharpen before you begin your search for the equipment you will need.

There are two basic types of shears. Each has its own unique style of edge and configuration. Each scissor type requires a different kind of sharpening machine. To learn more about the various industry segments and what the best equipment is for each segment, order your free copy of "The Art of Professional Scissors Sharpening" by WL Laney, Inventor of the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening Machine. Click here for your free copy or, if you prefer, go to Amazon and purchase a copy.

Bevel Scissors EdgeThe first is a "bevel edge" style which can be sharpened with a grinder style sharpening machine such as the "Twice as Sharp". This is one of the lowest priced machines available on the market. If budget is your main consideration, you may want to consider the purchase of the Twice-as-Sharp. It can serve you well in upholstery, tailor, alterations, floral, barber and drapery manufacturing shops. You can also use a grinder style machine on some surgical instruments and if you have an extremely steady hand, you can also use it for sharpening knives.

Convex scissor edgeThe second is a "convex edge" style found on most haircutting scissors. The Japanese style shear is famous for its hollow ground interior, convex cutting edge and 800 millimeter radius. This style of scissors cannot be sharpened on a grinder without damaging or even ruining the blade. Click Here for a free video on how to sharpen hair cutting scissors. The other issue is matching the 800 millimeter radius. If you straighten the radius, you make the hair cutting job much more difficult. A "good" quality Japanese shear sells for $300 to $1,000 or more. A "low" quality barber scissors can be purchased between $75 to $125 dollars. Straightening the radius causes the Japanese style shear to cut exactly the same as a low end pair of barber scissors.

Types of Scissor Sharpening Machines

There are many choices when it comes to choosing the right machine. To complicate it further each sharpening machine manufacturing company has its "Sales Pitch". One may focus on the speed of sharpening, another may focus on the cheap price, and others may have a "story" about some component of the scissors which is non-existent. Some will stoop to belittle the competition or some other means of completely obscuring the truth of their machine or their competitor. You owe it to yourself when starting a new business to have the best equipment. Business success is hard enough without trying to do a good job with inferior equipment and or products!

All these factors make it an absolute necessity to do your own personal due diligence. The best scissor sharpening machine Make a checklist and use it in your discussion with the sharpening machine manufacturer. Then talk with your prospective customers. They are looking for someone who can sharpen and take care of their scissors. Without the use of their tools, they are out of work!

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for a humorous animated video on professional scissors sharpening.
If you would like more information about how you can become a Six Figure Sharpener Click Here for your free copy of WL Laney's book "The Six Figure Sharpener."

Scissors Sharpener Training

Purchasing the right equipment is 50% of the battle. Learning how to use it is just as, or even more important. I used to own an expensive guitar. It was fun to play and had a great sound. It could have sounded ten times better with a qualified player. I am simply an amateur and an expensive guitar is wasted on my playing abilities.

The same thing can happen to you if you are not trained to use the equipment you purchase. There is a whole lot more to it than watching a video to learn the mechanics. There are so many nuances to the sharpening process you need to be sure you learn them all.

Attending our week of intensive training will prepare you for the challenges you will face in the salons and barbershops in your neighborhood. You will learn about:

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