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Scissor Sharpening & Sales Technical Support

Technical SupportEveryone needs a little help from time to time. Purchasers of the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System are no different. Our patented machine allows you to restore the factory specifications on the shears, but it does require following our twenty step sharpening process.

Ocassionally people forget a step or miss something while working on a stylist's shears. No problem, just call our office for professional technical support. We provide enough free support to get you well established as a sharpener. After that, you can purchase additional tech support for a reasonable rate.

We also offer sales support to help you "close the sale" in the field. Just call and we will help you understand which shear may be best for your customer and the goal they have for a new pair of shears. This service is available on an ongoing basis at no charge to you. We will always be here to assist in your success!

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