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How to sharpen the hair cutting scissor blade!

One of the first questions people ask is why is there such a price difference for the various scissors sharpening machines. There is no simple answer because it is not possible to compare apples to apples so to speak. When buying a house, it is easy to compare by size (square feet of living area), proximity to schools and shopping, and the visual appeal of the home. Everyone knows an all brick home will have a greater value than a wood frame home with an inexpensive siding.

Scissors sharpening machines are completely different. there are "grinders", "flat-hones", multiple discs on some flat hones and a seemingly endless barrage of pure "sales pitch". All of this makes it difficult for the new buyer. It is unlikely that you know very much about the industry, how scissors are made or how they should be sharpened. Adding to the confusion is the completness or lack of the requisite tools and other items needed to build a successful scissor sharpening business.

Free scissor sharpening videoThe founder of Diamond Rose Shears, WL Laney prepared a video to assist you in the selection process. "How to Sharpen Hair Cutting Scissors" can be considered a training video because "WL" walks you through the entire sharpening process explaining the impact and importance of each step. It can also be viewed as an educational video because of the commentary associated with each step. Either way, we want you to have a free copy. Please use the form below to order your
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