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Selling Musashi Shears is a breeze.

Selling haircutting scissors "shears" is a natural for the professional sharpener. There is no better time to show the stylist shears than when you are sharpening her/his current pair. It is easy and natural to say to your customer, "Try these while I am sharpening yours." Getting a new pair of scissors in the hands of a professional stylists is a great example of the "puppy dog close." During most sales training classes the "puppy dog close" is discussed and taught. The premise is quite simple - take the cute little dog home for a free trial. If for any reason you don't like the dog, just bring it back for a full refund. You and I both know that even if the dog chewed up your favorite slippers, barfed on the living room floor and went doo-doo in the den, you will not be able to pry it out of your child's hands the next day to take it back to the store!

Musashi ShearsSelling quality shears is the same. One of my favorite responses from a professional hair stylist is - "You aren't getting these back!" Stylists love shears. It is their most important tool and when you walk into the salon with a case full of "bright, shiny new shears" the salon comes alive.

As a purchaser of the Diamond Rose Superior Sharpening System, you can be an authorized dealer for the Musashi Shear. Musashi is a top quality shear with a lifetime warranty against factory defect and thousands of satisfied hair stylists around the world. Our best recommendation comes from the stylist who purchases a second, third or more Musashi Shear. The easiest sale you will make is in the salon with a stylist who currently has a Musashi Shear. A satisfied customer is your best sales aid in the salon.

Many people call and tell us they do not want to sell shears, they just want to sharpen. It is a mistake in our opinion not to offer scissors for sale. If you are good enough to get the sharpening assignment, you are good enough to make the shear sale. Why not get the most out of your time in the salon? If you can earn $200 to $300 selling a pair of shears by spending an extra fifteen minutes in the salon, why restrict yourself to sharpening income only?

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